AI And Security : A Beginners Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be extremely powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. Since AI involves performing tasks that usually require human intelligence, it’s integrity must be protected, similar to that of other critical applications.

Common Threats

AI systems are vulnerable to a multitude of security threats, from data corruption to backdoor attacks. Ensuring AI security helps maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of these systems.

Data Breaches
Unauthorized access to AI systems can lead to theft or manipulation of data.
Adversarial Attacks
Attackers find creative ways to trick AI systems into making incorrect decisions by the deliberate misappropriation of data.
Model Poisoning
Intentional biased or inaccurate results from toxic or destructive training data used to create or change AI models.
Privacy Concerns

Hackers continue to find innovative ways to steal sensitive data like Social Security or Credit Card numbers.

Protecting AI Assets

AI systems are just as vulnerable as other systems from security breaches. It is important to embed security best practices in AI systems.

Data Protection
Encrypt data, limit access to authorized personnel, and regularly back-up data.
Secure Development
Follow all cybersecurity best practices from devsecops to test automation. Minimize tech debt by keeping software up-to-date and perform security testing to identify and fix vulnerabilities.
Adversarial Training
Train AI models with various levels of cyber attack scenarios to help the system recognize and defend itself.
Monitoring & Auditing
Regularly inspect AI systems for any suspicious activities and conduct security audits to help identify and mitigate potential security risks.


AI offers exciting possibilities. However, it is imperative to establish business rules for AI use and prioritize security when working with AI systems. Understand the potential threats and implement security measures to build safety and reliability into the AI solution.

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