Odoo Consulting Services

Odoo is a comprehensive management software consolidating all business operations into one platform. Its sophisticated design and customization capabilities may present challenges. Enter Odoo consulting, experts in Odoo’s design, development, and implementation. They assess your company’s requirements, involving employees and managers, to tailor the Odoo platform to your operations. Consultants then provide extensive training for your staff and ongoing support and maintenance.


Why Odoo Consulting ?

As your Odoo Service Provider, Awsome guarantees precise adherence to rules and regulations for implementing Odoo ERP in your business. We offer comprehensive Functional and Technical Consulting services to resolve any issues and ensure seamless business operations within the specified timeframe.

Our Consulting Services Includes

  • Requirement analysis 
  • Improve your business operations 
  • Customized mapping 
  • Testing 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Modifications on the operational aspects 
  • Feasibility analysis 
  • Hassle free implementation 
  • Support and training 

Why Choose Odoo Consultants?

- Exact business analysis
- Mapping your needs with Odoo

- Best business practice
- Hassle-free implementation

Importance of Odoo Consultancy


Experience and Perspective: Odoo consultants bring valuable insights from diverse industry experiences, enhancing decision-making and strategy development.


Temporary Yet Skilled Resources: Consultants offer specialized skills without the need to hire additional permanent staff, saving time and resources.


Safe Zone for Complex Projects: Consultants provide expertise and guidance, mitigating risks and ensuring smooth execution of controversial or challenging projects.


Detailed Analysis and Reporting: Consultants assess the potential of Odoo ERP for your business, delivering comprehensive reports and recommendations for optimized implementation.

Navigate Your Path to Success with AWSOME LLC: Expert Odoo Consulting for Your Business Growth