Get a bird's eye view of every department before zooming in on the details in employee management. Sort employees by working hours, job title, even contract status to get a full picture of your team from every possible angle.


Centralize management of all your employees in one place.

With Odoo, AwsomeLLC effortlessly administers all employees from a single location. From payroll to HR documentation, everything is managed seamlessly within the integrated platform. This centralized approach enhances efficiency, ensures consistency, and fosters better communication across the organization.

Manage your time off efficiently.

AwsomeLLC streamlines time off management using Odoo's integrated module. Employees request leave, managers approve within the system, ensuring compliance and efficient resource planning. Odoo's centralized platform optimizes processes, enhancing operational efficiency for AwsomeLLC.


Show off those skills

Catalogue the distinctive skills of each employee, enabling you to quickly locate the right person for specific needs, such as a French-speaking JavaScript expert.

Effortlessly discover exceptional talent.

AwsomeLLC utilizes Odoo Recruitment to streamline the entire recruiting process, ensuring the swift and efficient acquisition of top talent. With Odoo, AwsomeLLC can easily identify and onboard the best candidates for their team, saving time and resources while maintaining quality standards.


Why choose us?

AwsomeLLC leverages Odoo's HRMS to offer comprehensive human resource management solutions. With Odoo's modules, AwsomeLLC provides features like employee profiles, attendance tracking, leave management, performance evaluation, and recruitment. This integration centralizes HR processes, enhancing efficiency and facilitating effective workforce management for AwsomeLLC.

Explore additional features we offer.


Employee Appraisals


Manage Expenses


Manage Documents/Resumes


Employee Contracts

                          And many more…..

Customize Your Path to Success with AWSOME LLC: Enhancing Your Business with Expert Odoo HRMS Solutions.