Odoo Training

Master Odoo with personalized, one-on-one instruction. Gain insights from seasoned experts on effectively implementing and overseeing your ERP application. Stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive training tailored to your needs.

Technical Training

TechnicalTraining caters primarily to developers, equipping them with the skills to customize and innovate within the Odoo platform.

  1. Expert-led technical coaching for developers.
  2. Installation on Linux/Windows.
  3. Understanding Odoo framework.
  4. App development guidance.
  5. Troubleshooting skills.
  6. Exposure to multiple programming languages.

Corporate Training

CorporateTraining targets businesses currently using Odoo or planning a full migration to the platform.

  1. Tailored Odoo module coaching for corporate firms.
  2. Interactive sessions and live demos for engaging learning.
  3. Video tutorials for convenient and flexible coaching.

“We’re grateful for Awsomellc’s comprehensive OdooTraining spanning installation on various OS to custon module development.Their expertise empowered our team to manage operations efficiently and customize our Odoo platform.”

“Awsomellc impressed us with reliable Odoo hosting and expert customisation using the odoo base.Their coaching team elevated our team’s capabilities and transformed our business operations .”

Empower Your Team with AWSOME LLC: Elevate Your Odoo Skills through Expert Training