Purchase Management

Purchase Management

From RFQs to receipts, and product variants to vendor bills, let Odoo's all-in-one procurement software with purchase management handle the workload for you.


Automated RFQs

Streamline every RFQ and purchase order with automated reordering rules. Create custom rules and replenishment methods, and sync up your most important processes where it makes sense to do so — you have the power!

Tailored purchase agreements to suit any circumstance

Optimize procurement with customizable and automated purchasing agreements. Secure the best prices with alternative RFQs, compare product lines, and streamline recurring orders with blanket orders.


Set your own terms for vendor payments.

Easily generate single or split vendor bills at your convenience, and pay based on ordered or received quantities — the choice is yours. Seamlessly integrate with the Accounting app to monitor the payment status of bills.

Every detail that makes procurement achievable.

Including variants, packaging, units of measure, and more. Take it a step further by integrating your Point of Sale and eCommerce systems.

More Features


More companies, less problems


Built for any device


Smarter purchasing decisions

Streamline Your Procurement with AWSOME LLC: Expertise in Odoo Purchase Management!