TTME Solution Features

TTME Solution Features


UI Components that seamlessly integrate into your CRM, Energy Management System.

TTME Fine-Tune LLM evaluates option of fine tuning based on enterprise use cases.

Various deployment options, Reinforcement learning based on VM images, Containers, Microservices Helm Charts.

Bring your own interface with third-party LLMs that allow LLMs to develop their own UI/UX and learn from user feedback.

Talk/Voice interface for easy interfacing with prompts.

White-labeled Google and Alexa Bots/skills.

Dynamic charts generation (example: show my weekend vs. weekday comparison for last 2 weeks).

Dynamic Training Corpus for your IT team to pick from our vast user feedback database.

Benchmarking for quality and performance against popular LMS's.

Advanced ML Energy Analytics using Fourier, Gaussian, Z-score, CQDets, Mann Kendall etcetera.

We are team of highly trained ML Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Architects and Business Analysts