Electirc Vehicle, Energy management using Eaton Smart Breaker 

Electric Vehicle, Energy management using Eaton Smart Breaker

EIN smart breaker

Bring any electric vehicle charger and use it with Eaton smart breakers. We have APIs to manage the EVs smart breakers, we have API's to manage the Ev's and their energy consumption as a deployable component.

Key Features

Start/Stop Charging

Remote Control: Start or stop charging remotely via the Eaton Smart Breaker API using smartphones or other devices. 

Scheduled Charging: Schedule charging times to utilize off-peak rates and optimize grid demand. 

Energy Session Management

Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor energy consumption in real time for detailed insights and effective usage management. 

Usage Reports: Generate comprehensive reports on energy usage to understand and optimize charging patterns. 

Load Balancing: Distribute electrical load evenly to prevent overloading and maintain stable power supply. 

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Vehicle Add-On Services

Parking Management: Reserve parking spots with charging stations, ideal for commercial and public facilities. 

Billing and Payment Integration: Automate payment processing for charging sessions in commercial settings. 

Access Control: Manage access to EV chargers, ensuring only authorized users can use the facilities.